How to change the world map

Take a look at the world map. What do you see? A lot of countries, a lot of different climates and a lot of different types of landscapes.

“Yeah, so?” you might think. Everybody knows this.

Everybody knows this because we learn it as children. We learn about different animals than our local ones where we live. We learn that there are different languages and most of us learn another one than our local one. We look at the world map and we can point out some jungle, some desert and some glaciers for example. We might imagine what it’s like or watch it on TV..

Now ask a traveler what she sees when she takes a look at the world map. She’ll probably point out different places and go something like:

“That’s where I dived with sharks”

“That’s where that child took my hand and refused to let go.”

“That’s where I sky-dived from an airplane and overcame my fear of heights.”

“That’s where I got robbed on my wallet and got help from people I never met before.”

“That’s where I fell in love for the first time.”

A traveller looks at the map and sees friends, memories, important moments and a thousand possibilities. This is what it feels like to really know what’s out there and just not because someone told you. //S


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