Dear parents

I’ve felt the pressure from older generations who are always telling me to get a job related to my degree – sending me links of jobs I don’t want because they fear for my future. So here I am, about to explain why there is no need for your worries or fears although I appreciate the concerns very much.

Dear mom, dad and the older generations,

Success nowadays mean a different thing. As a kid growing up, you were told to graduate, find a job, settle down and start a family at such a young age. That’s why you had me when you were still so young mom.
And as a mother, I cannot blame you for wanting to pass your values and beliefs on to me. They came from your own experiences. It’s your instinct telling me to follow a certain path, similar to yours, to give you that peace of mind that I will be fine in life. But this was your path, your succes, mum. Let me tell you my own version of success and what it means to me.

Being successful doesn’t mean having a stable job and a family anymore. To me, being successful means to be truly free, being able to travel the world to become a better person, to be rich – not with money but with experiences. I know right now for some of you I seem to be going nowhere. Like I have no direction in life, a boat stuck in the middle of the ocean, drifting away. But the truth is, I actually am going places literally and figuratively. I’m setting up goals and I’m working hard to achieve them. After spending 3 months in the USA, I set up a goal: to travel Asia. Less than a year later I booked a one way ticket and left home. It’s been almost a year now since I left but guess what? I’ve travelled Asia and I’m living my dream down under. I’m living the life I thought was impossible to live, and I worked damn hard for it.
Everyday i feel incredibly blessed and grateful – so proud of who I have become. It’s terrifying and amazing at the same time to know that I’m living life without a plan.

This is why I do still need you mom. I’ve been broke, felt scared and lost. And its safe to say things haven’t been running smooth all the time. I know it scares you. I understand. I’m on the other end of the world – and youre not around to jump in when either one of us thinks we need it! But think about how this alone has shaped me to become a strong, independent soul. I can now confidently say that I believe I am succesfull.

I’m not standing still either. Im learning every day and as I go, I set up new dreams. One of them is being able to work from anywhere I want. I want to make more connections – with new places, feelings and souls around me.

We can be successful without settling down. This is why me and the rest of my generation travel. Because we can. We are the masters of our own destiny. And I for one can’t wait to see whats next. //D


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