To meet at the same level


In your hometown or at your workplace you probably have a defined identity. People around you have learned how you usually behave and act accordingly around you. Within your culture you might have certain symbols of your identity like what car your driving or what music you listen to. Routines and time establish this more and more as your identity.

Who are you to someone who doesn’t know things like that about you?

When you meet someone from another culture, you always meet at the same level. Whatever symbols of status you have probably doesn’t make sense to a person from another part of the world. This is how we meet as our true selves.

Given this situation you have the chance too be exactly who you want to be. You will most likely treat people the way you want them to treat you since the only way they will judge you is by the way you act right here, right now.

If that isn’t the best way to meet new people, then I don’t know what is. //S


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